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Please note Pratyaksha - Painting with Dance occurred in past.


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Pratyaksha - Painting with Dance

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Pratyaksha - Painting with Dance by Aalokam in New York

Admission : $30

Pratyaksha - Painting with Dance

Seven strong, creative, independent women of the Aalokam Dance Company will push the boundaries of Bharatanatyam with their debut performance. Titled Pratyaksha, which means perspective in Sanskrit, the performance uses classic Indian dance pieces to explore, experience, and expose western art movements and art forms including cubism, impressionism, and romanticism, among others. Pratyaksha will feature five items that gradually progress in complexity and intensity thereby forming a traditional repertoire. The five dances include Alaripu, Jathiswaram, Varnam, Padam, and Thillana. While they stay completely true to that art in terms of technique and narration, each of the five pieces uses movement and interaction between the dancers to bring alive the paintings of Monet, Picasso, Van Gogh, and the like. The dances will be set to a live music ensemble consisting of talented Indian musicians with several years of expertise. The Aalokam Dance Company, led by Bharathi Penneswaran and Jyotsna Kalyansundar, is part of Aalokam, an organization in New York City. This company came into being when seven like-minded, creatively charged and experienced Indian classical dancers found a common purpose: a drive and passion to push the boundaries of the Indian classical dance form and how it is perceived, both locally and globally.


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Event Information: Pratyaksha - Painting with Dance by Aalokam

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Pratyaksha - Painting with Dance Occured in past

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This event occured in past


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