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Moon made me do it!

Contributed by : Shreya Sharma
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How fortunate are we here in the PNW to be able to experience the majestic sights and sounds of nature, sometimes even from the comfort of our homes.

Last weekend, the husband and I were sipping our usual cup of tea, sitting on our patio, when the moon decided to show itself in its full force. Up it rose, from behind a row of dense pine trees, shining an almost silver-like light onto our awestruck faces. Beguiled as we were, our laziness won that night, like most nights. And days. Anyway, when the moon decided to show up the next day looking more mesmerizing, even mystical with an aura like light surrounding it, owing to a blanket of tattered clouds engulfing it, lazy as were, all that beauty, or maybe it was that constant peek-a-boo rush that it gave us, that day it made us capture it in all its glory. The photos did not nearly do as much justice to its enigma, but for sure, you'll get the point.

After hours of taking every possible angle as we could from the comfort of our patio, we got to writing the description of these photos, a task that is the yang to every yin that photography holds. We headed to Google and started researching "The Moon", only to find out that this so-called monotonous chore would suddenly get all interesting, so very interesting, all thanks to this subject.

The moon turned out to be much more fascinating on paper than it had been made out to be in our songs, even more so than those werewolf movies we all secretly love!

The moon has been idealized, fondly named, and celebrated for centuries throughout all cultures. We as humans already see the effects it has on nature, whether it be in the form of serious high tides or corals spawning like anything. It has also found a significant place in all things from folklore to astrology to women's reproductive health! Even though the age-old ideas of the moon and its phases affecting human and animal mood and behavior have been condemned for decades by science, recent articles on BBC, Readers Digest, Medical News Today, and many more are begging to differ. Their reasoning supporting this includes ideas based on facts such that the moon affects all water bodies and humans, animals, plants are all majorly made up of it or that moonlight resembling magnetic fields that have shown reduced brain alpha wave activity. They have done many recent studies proving difficulty sleeping or increase in conception during full moon nights. Up until now, scientists believed otherwise. During the 1900s, there were a series of studies conducted, the majority of which showed no correlation between the moon and any of the above-listed factors and more.

It got us both thinking. And intrigued. Intrigued enough to share this with you all in hopes of hearing back from you in the form of comments below or the number/e-mail on our website and to observe ourselves changing, or not, with the changing phases of our beloved Moon.

About Author
A wanderer at heart, I wish to explore every nook and cranny of this beautiful Washington state of ours and share with you all the fascinating sights and sounds of and around it and much more <3
My thoughts here are not just mine, but a careful assimilation handcrafted after hours of "discussions" between the husband and I :D



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Moon made me do it!
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