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Please note Screening for 'A Miracle A Day' documentary film occurred in past.


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Screening for 'A Miracle A Day' documentary film

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Screening for 'A Miracle A Day' documentary film by Queens World Film Festival in Astoria

Admission : $15 for single tickets
$100 for 10 tickets

The documentary film "A Miracle A Day" is an uplifting testament to the human spirit and it's capacity to surmount obstacles and transcend adversity. It is a portrayal of All Bengal Women's Union Welfare Home For Girls in Kolkata, India, which is a progressive present-day example of the institutions depicted in the highly acclaimed film "Lion", whose story also took place in Kolkata. The home was founded in 1932 for women and girls to have a place of refuge from brothels, trafficking, poverty and abandonment. Today it is still thriving with residents ranging from one day old through their nineties. All Bengal Women's Union provides food, clothing, shelter, education and vocational training for 150 to 200 girls, young women, elderly and care for babies as well. The staff, many of whom are volunteers, show heartfelt and relentless dedication to helping every person become the best they can be. The film was created with the help of the charitable organization Save A Child (

About Queens World Film Festival

Turning eight in 2018, QWFF includes an annual multi day/multi venue festival, youth-oriented educational initiatives and
year round screening opportunities for QWFF filmmakers, past and present. The festival is programmed in thematic blocks
with evocative titles, and each program is followed by a post-screening dialogue to engage audiences from the
demographically diverse communities that comprise the borough of Queens. Each year the festival has a very robust
submission session, with films coming from all over the globe, 63 nations to date, including India, Cuba, Franc, Spain,
Serbia, Korea, Bangladesh, China, Italy, the Ukraine, Iran, Scotland, Belgium, Finland and the UK to name just a few.

In every year's festival there are tender films, heartbreaking films, and several works that are extremely provocative, maybe
even, disturbing and the selections tie us into conversations people are having around the world via the real stars of the
festival: the films. It's about surrendering to the films, without looking for familiar names, titles, scores. It's about creating
the right context for personal, intimate films grouped together for a cinematic experience you will not get anywhere else on
the planet.

The 8th Annual Queens World Film Festival returns to the Museum of the Moving Image in both the Redstone and the
Bartos room as well as the historic Zukor Theatre at the Kaufman Astoria Studios located right next door. Strategically
placed in the middle is the fabled Astor Room with incredible food and special discounts just for QWFF participants and
attendees. The festival village is located in the Astoria Arts District which is subway close and easy to find via foot or in your
car (Yes, there is street and metered parking!) venues.

About Artist:
With curiosity as the main impetus, Deborah Harse began exploring the world by bicycle in 1981 and continued to travel back and forth from her home in NYC to Europe, North Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Working mostly as a massage therapist, she'd save money and then set off, with her bike, to spend several months in another part of the world. In 1988 photography became the focal point of her travels and she developed long term projects that resulted in several exhibitions. Please feel free to visit her website at After 17 years of shooting stills, in 2005 she began shooting video and has won several awards for her films. Her objective is to emphasize how our similarities outweigh our differences and to portray the dignity in human nature which prevails in societies around the world despite ongoing adversity. A Miracle A Day is her 4th film.


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Event Information: Screening for 'A Miracle A Day' documentary film by Queens World Film Festival

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