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'Limited immediate risk from Covid-19 to India pharma sector'
Haryana prepares report to construct three medical colleges
Specific gut bacteria may be linked to high BP
Half pint of beer a day can lead to longer life
Exposure to alcohol ads can lead to teenage drinking
Harmful metals in e-cigarettes linked to DNA damage
Eat fruits, yoghurt daily to reduce stroke risk
Why most young women are stressed about their sex lives
In gold-rich Sonbhadra, 269 villages afflicted by fluorosis
In gold-rich Sonbhadra, 269 villages afflicted by fluorosis
Obesity at younger age? Bariatric surgery may help
Olive oil in Mediterranean diet may help you live longer
Renowned Mumbai Ayurveda master Pankaj Naram passes away
Mental health challenges higher in young mothers: Study
Italians flown back from China released from quarantine
MP govt withdraws vasectomy circular
'Revenge porn' not limited to vengeance, rising rapidly
People in casual relationships more likely to use condoms
Fat around arteries may be good for health
Sale of Tibetan pill used to prevent infectious diseases stopped
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